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At Northwest Electrical Services LLC, it's our job to prove the integrity of all systems, through identification of discrepancies, design concerns, control system logic, construction or manufacturer defects.

Through a network of multidiscipline technicians and engineers, Northwest Electrical Services LLC has experience in Electrical (LV, MV, HV), Instrumentation and Controls, Fire and Gas, Control System Integration, Power Generation. Our commissioning services include:

  • Project Management
  • Supervision and Engineering
  • Technicians (Electrical, I&C, Automation)
  • Project Data Entry and Document Management
  • Punch List
  • Certification and Handover

Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Turnover, Training and System Integration are key to the success of any construction project. Our complete commissioning services are key in minimizing project risks, and ensuring the safe and effective continuing maintenance and operation of a facility. The Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning processes are third party verifications of process and safety designs that are performed before Turnover to the Owner and before actual operation begin. Training of Operations and Maintenance staff along with handover of verified documentation and procedures allows for the integration of Change Management within existing client systems or a new Management of Change System can be developed.

Northwest utilizes a completions management system used to track all phases of construction mechanical completion, hook-up and commissioning to ensure every system is checked and all procedures are completed before the system is handed over to operations. Our system scales with the complexity of the project and is available via remote access for the client, engineer and technician. Main features can include:

  • Punch list Control. Damage, defect or non-conformance tracking
  • Technical Query Control. Direct tag query association (Site, Field or Technical)
  • Preservation Management. Routine controlled preservation and maintenance task management
  • Dynamic Commissioning Tracking. Access to 'true' dynamic commissioning progress
  • Scheduled Reporting. Management Reports delivered 'on time' directly from a live data base
  • Competency Management. Individual Competency and Training Tracking, the right person for the right job
  • Job Card - Risk Management - Test Equipment Management - Hazardous Area Equipment Management
  • RTE - Record, Track, Eliminate. Categorize and deal with risks throughout all project phases
  • Northwest also provides ongoing field services related to Preventative and Predictive Maintenance services to support operations after handover.